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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Botkeeper Ambassador Promotion tips and tricks

Botkeeper Ambassador

Welcome to the Botkeeper Ambassador Program - we’re excited to have you!

To get you started, we’ve put together an “Ambassador Starter Kit” with the info needed to
help you succeed through the program.
To recap the program basics:
• Earn up to $500 for each purchase you drive, with the following requirements:
Simple Package price or higher (299/mo)
Annual Agreement
Botkeeper must receive at least 90 days of payment before payout
• No caps on reward payouts
• Track clicks and commissions from your ambassador portal
• Get monthly payments via PayPal or Stripe

Getting started

Getting started Be sure to review the program policies to ensure you’re following all program requirements. Botkeeper provides you with simple and easy Ambassador Marketing tracking and maintenance. Your Ambassador portal will allow you to access assets, generate unique links, track referrals, and communicate with the Botkeeper team. Once accepted into the program, navigate to the link provided to you in your welcome email to log in and set up. Finding your links To earn commission you will need to promote via links found in your ambassador portal. Start by logging into your new Ambassador Portal via Parnterstack, and getting familiar with your default link that points to the Botkeeper home page. You can find this link both on your page once you navigate to "link" about halfway down the page, as well as in the "Links" section of your left-hand navigation. 

Suggested Links 

You're able to create new links to be used for various places on the Botkeeper websiteTypes of links suggested:

Botkeeper home page 

The default journey sending folks straight to the Botkeeper website

Sign up page 

Give your audience a straight path to the sign up process

Botkeeper Gated Offers and Resources

Gated content offers and resources we use to capture leads and converts them to customers

Botkeeper Articles

Botkeeper blog posts and research on relevant topics, ready to share

How it Works

An overview of Botkeeper's software, service, and support


Use these when referencing a client's tech stack, and how we connect


An overview of some of the target industry verticals we work with

Accounting Partner Overview 

For CPA firms, CFOs, or other Accounting Professionals who may be interested in white labeling Botkeeper services

Accessing creative assets

Get instant access to logos, illustrations, banners, and screenshots.
 • Click ‘Assets’ from the left-hand column
 • Find additional resources such as demo videos in the various folders
• If there are any additional assets you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out

Promotion tips and tricks 

Master promotion and earn the highest payouts possible by using the following tips. We’ve broken it out on tips for promoting products and content. Promoting Botkeeper Product 

1. Product round-ups: You’ve probably seen tons of those “top 10 best bookkeeping solutions” types of posts. Write one (or several!) about Botkeeper’s tools. Here’s a great resource on how to write a roundup post here

2. Botkeeper vs ?: Write up a review on Botkeeper and how it compares to some of the other players in the category. Or, compare Botkeeper to other services like using an in-house bookkeeper, or doing it yourself. Check out how to write the best comparison content here

3. Share easily to social: Take advantage of the sharing widgets found in your dashboard and share your ambassador links to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn instantly with compelling messaging. Here is an awesome guide on how to best leverage social.

4. Tell your story: Share your own experience on how Botkeeper has transformed your daily business activities and helped your business grow. 

5. Subscriber “thank you:” Offer your audience a free bookkeeping assessment as a valuable “thank you” for being a subscriber. 

6. Include Botkeeper’s free collateral in a presentation: If you offer courses or guides on business topics, including getting Botkeeper’s solution as a step in that course. 

7. Botkeeper as a resource: If you have a resources and tools section on your site, include Botkeeper’s platform as a recommended product.

8. Host a webinar: Create a webinar focused on how Botkeeper can help your specific audience and get the Ambassador’s team’s support to produce it. 

9. Include product highlights and features when talking about Botkeeper to show what our products can do for your audience 

10. Have an audience of solopreneurs or other businesses get started? Send them right over to our Startup page and tell them about the benefits of using a great bookkeeping solution from the beginning- at a price that makes sense.

Promoting Botkeeper Content 

Remember you can link to any Botkeeper content and earn money when someone purchases! It’s a great way to give value to your audience without always pushing Botkeeper products.

1. Content offers: Give your audience a bookkeeping guide or other helpful resource, brought to you by Botkeeper. We’ll create a landing page just for your audience!

2. Tools as resources: Incorporate Botkeeper’s free stand-alone tools into a resource section, blog post, or course.

3. Educate with Botkeeper Blog: Take advantage of the fantastic articles Botkeeper has to offer by recommending and incorporating these lessons into your own guides, blog posts, and resources. You can even download them yourself and highlight how you applied the learnings.

4. Supplement your content with Botkeeper’s blog: Incorporate Botkeeper’s blog posts into your own. Let us do the heavy lifting with your content needs.

Botkeeper product highlights and copy examples Take ideas from the copy below and use them when promoting and step up your strategy.

• Let Botkeeper help you save time and money so you can get back to running your business
• It’s flexible. Botkeeper integrates with the software and web services you already use.
• It’s foundational. Get access to all the basic tools you need to run your back office with ease.
• Get right with your bookkeeping - Go with Botkeeper
• Automate the bookkeeping tasks you hate to do with Botkeeper
• Manage your accounting department with Botkeeper
• Do more business and less data entry with Botkeeper's bookkeeping solution
• Track, manage and organize your financial health with Botkeeper's Financial Hub
• See everything about your financials in one place with Botkeeper's customizable dashboard
• Did you see this? Botkeeper can automate your bookkeeping. It has everything you need to organize, track, and easily report on your financials.
• Botkeeper Financial Hub is the all-in-one bookkeeping software for your entire team
• Improve the efficiency of your accounting team with tools that boost productivity in Botkeeper
• Spend more time helping your business grow, and less time on menial tasks with Botkeeper
• Botkeeper gives you modern bookkeeping and accounting tools to adapt to today’s business processes.
• With Botkeeper, you’ll have 360-degree insight into your business, what’s working and what’s not B

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